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Building a Business - From One Man Band to Boardroom Baron - The Inside Story!

Charlie MullinsWednesday 26th April 2017
Charlie Mullins

Yesterday I met with Alison Warner, who came to me with a great idea. She’s writing a book to help tradesmen take that next step and go from a small business to a large and successful company and was looking for my top tips on just how to do it.

We chatted about how I came off the tools to make PP what it is today – and I always say that it was undoubtedly the hardest thing to do, but a crucial part in growing a business.

Besides coming off the tools, the other important thing to do is to start trusting and employing people. I’m lucky that we have the best people working here with us, and that we continue to have fantastic people applying to join our PP Family.

I look forward to reading the book which is going to be published in September, and have all my other tips! I hope that it will encourage other tradespeople to take that step to get off the tools if a business is what they want.

Remember, you may feel like a tiger in a cage when you first start working in the office, but it will all be worth it in the end!