Insights | 21st Feb 2024 | 3 min read

Setting standards for great customer service

Setting standards for great customer service

Throughout the past 2 years, a key focus has been on enhancing all areas of our operations to provide exemplary customer service to the residents of London. We have focused on three core areas, our people, customer satisfaction, and our engineers. Here’s our story so far…

1. Investing in our people

Diverse workforce

We’ve embarked on a mission to recruit a diverse and skilled workforce across our head office team and customer facing engineers. By cultivating a spectrum of talents within our team, we aim to bolster creativity and productivity. We also acknowledge the importance of our workforce reflecting the diversity within our customer base and the communities we serve.

Staff retention

We’ve also seen a remarkable improvement in staff retention by 50%. To remain competitive and attract new employees, we continue to enhance our working environment, recognizing learning and development as a pivotal area of focus. We foster an environment where respect, integrity and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

2. Customer satisfaction

We have acknowledged the crucial role of measuring customer satisfaction in helping to identify areas of opportunities for enhancing our overall customer experience.

Net promoter score

Our team have worked really hard to improve our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges the likelihood of customers recommending our services to others. We are delighted to announce our score over the last two years has increased to 72, indicating that our customers perceive our service as excellent.

Notably, with the industry standard set at 60, we’re proud to affirm that we are making significant strides to setting the standards on delivering a premium service.


As we continue to improve our customer service, we are pleased to see our Trustpilot rating has risen to an impressive 4.4, denoting excellence.We recognise in the pursuit of excellent customer service, there’s always room for improvement which is why, at Pimlico Plumbers, we are open 24/7 with a 1 hour response time serving the residents of London.

3. Proud of our engineers

Our engineers play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional customer service to the residents of London, showcasing their strong workmanship and commitment to providing outstanding customer experiences.

Quality workmanship

At Pimlico Plumbers, our team are committed to improving our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72, with a focus on engineer workmanship. This tailored approach enables us to pinpoint areas of strength and collaboration with our engineers to refine the customer experience and the finished work. With the industry standard set at 60, we’re proud to affirm that we are making significant strides to setting the standards on delivering a premium service.

Trusted engineers

We’ve also enhanced our selection process for trade professionals and implemented a rigorous on-site assessment. This ensures that we recruit the very best engineers capable of delivering the premium service we consistently strive for.

Through these efforts, our retention rates with engineers have doubled over the last two years, helping support a consistent level of service. With many customers continually requesting the same engineer for additional works in their home. We are very proud of our engineers and we will keep working together to improve our service to you.

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