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The presence of pests in your property can risk bringing damage and disease into your dwelling and can often escalate quickly to become infestations, which is why calling in professionals as soon as you spot an issue is crucial.





Insects may be small, but when an infestation occurs the damage they can cause to your property is extreme. From termite treatment, to wasp nest removal, to bed bug fumigation – we have you covered on all bases.

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If a rodent infestation isn’t exterminated in good time, it could cause serious health problems. In most cases, rodents can carry a variety of harmful diseases, which is why you should get rid of them as quickly as possible.

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If bird control is not carried out appropriately it can lead to property damage, the spreading of carried diseases and general uncleanliness. Our experts have proven techniques and methods to combat these problems.

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Whether it is your home or place of business that is being affected, we have pest control specialists on hand to help you out no matter where you’re based in London. Not only are our experts highly trained they also use innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology to help eradicate your pest problem swiftly.

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4 steps to a pest-free property


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Our pest control specialists will conduct a full inspection of the infestation before determining the best course of action.



Using the best industry standard procedures and quality equipment, we will eradicate your infestation swiftly.



Assessing for entry points and putting preventative measures in place, will ensure your problem is resolved and won’t easily return.

Safe and environmentally friendly solutions

Although we eradicate pests, we also place great importance on ensuring we’re responsible in the way we remove them.  We use heat treatments and the latest chemical and non-chemical treatments to resolve your problem. We also use effective and humane deterrents, helping to give you peace of mind.

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    The equipment we use is second-to-none. We provide pest control solutions using innovative tools that are the best in the industry.
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    We don’t charge you for a call-out fee, we believe in being transparent and fair in our pricing.
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Pest Control services FAQ’s

We wouldn’t ever carry out a removal or decontamination procedure that could cause any harm to your family or pets without giving explicit warning of any dangers and how to stay away or stay protected from it.

Our experts will not solve your issue with just a temporary fix in mind – our aim is to eradicate the problem completely. Once the infestation is resolved, we will provide any tips in regard to maintaining whatever preventative measures we have put in place.

In case you ever did need us again for insect pest control, we would also have your case on record so we could tend to it quickly, already being fully informed.

These rodents have a rapid reproduction rate. They can start to reproduce when they turn 6 weeks old and on average, they give birth to 7 babies. This is why it is best to tackle a rodent infestation head-on, before they have a chance to breed.

We’ll be straight on the case to clear your home or workspace so that you, and those around you, are safe. Rodent control is something we don’t take lightly – we understand the severity of the situation and our aim is to take care of it for you as quickly as possible.

When properly installed and of a high quality, bird control measures such as spikes and nets can last for many years. However, these measures should be regularly inspected and, in cases where damage has occurred, they should be repaired or replaced. Pimlico’s bird control experts can help to maintain and repair your bird control measures, keeping your property bird-free for the long-term.

It depends on what sort of issue you are facing. We never want to underestimate the severity of your problem, so we will listen and send an appropriate number of specialists round to first assess the situation, and then the correct number of specialists to carry out the procedure.

It depends on the type and extent of the infestation in question. However, here at Pimlico we believe in providing detailed and realistic upfront estimations, so there will be no nasty shocks when it comes to the costs.

Pimlico’s rodent experts will take a full, in depth look for your property’s entrance points once we have eradicated your rodent problem – but here are some examples of things you should look out for: gaps in the drainage system, broken/missing vents, low windows and doors being left open at night.

All you need to do is get in touch, and we can sort the rest once we know your issue. We are available 24/7 through our London call centre, where we have a very helpful team ready to listen and put your mind at ease. Give us a call at any time of day, or alternatively you can email us through [email protected].

We work on all kinds of residential and commercial properties throughout London. Our expertise lies in providing Londoners with the best quality service possible, in all areas that we work in.

Birds use roofs as a vantage point and a place to feed or nest, especially in cities with less forested areas. Roofs provide birds with sought-after shelter and safety, which unfortunately means they have a habit of infesting all different types of property.

Usually, rats and mice will appear in your property in the search for food, but sometimes they are simply in search of somewhere to reproduce and build a nest – something that we don’t want happening in your residence. Our team of specialists know the correct procedures to carry out in order to clear your house of any infestation, including nests.

Yes they do, the birds see it as a place not worth landing on as it is no longer fit for resting or nesting. Spikes are an example of a humane preventative measure that we can install to keep birds away from your property.

Our pest control services

Our pest control experts are on hand for any manner of infestation and solution.

  • Emergency pest control
  • Extermination
  • Fumigation
  • Pest Removal
  • Insect control
  • Rodent control
  • Bird control
  • Nest removal
  • Bird spike installation
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