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Resolving a rodent infestation in your home or workplace is seen as one of the most difficult and stressful infestations that you can deal with. Fortunately, our specialist team are on hand to take the pressure off, and we will ensure your property is completely rodent-free by the time we are finished.



Mice can cause property damage, contamination and hygiene issues. Our experts assess the situation at the initial inspection, followed by trapping and removal, sanitation, and ongoing monitoring.

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Rats are destructive pests and can spread harmful diseases when they infest homes. We will carry out trapping and removal, using the most appropriate methods for the extent of infestation.

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Squirrels can cause issues including property damage, noise and digging up gardens. We deal with squirrel infestations through to trapping, poison bait and fumigation.

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Moles cause issues when they infest properties, including foundational damage. Typically, we deal with them through trapping, barrier installation, soil treatment and habitat modification.

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Glis Glis

Glis Glis

This non-native species of dormouse can be bothersome requiring a specialist license to control. We are fully licensed to deal with Glis Glis, and use specialised equipment to ensure total removal.

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Although not a rodent, foxes are a prominent pest throughout London. We can help you tackle your fox problem with professional removal and effective prevention measures.

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Local rodent control for London

Whether it is your home or place of business that is being affected, we have pest control specialists on hand to help you out no matter where you’re based in London. Not only are our experts highly trained they also use innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology to help eradicate your pest problem swiftly.

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Solving your problem in 4 simple steps


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Give our team a call about your problem, and we can be at your property within the hour.



Our pest control specialists will conduct a full inspection of the infestation before determining the best course of action.



Using the best industry standard procedures and quality equipment, we will eradicate your infestation swiftly.



Assessing for entry points and putting preventative measures in place, will ensure your problem is resolved and won’t easily return.

Quick and effective rodent control

Our highly trained pest control experts use proven methods to eradicate your rodent infestation, giving you peace of mind that your property will be pest-free in no time. Not only that, but as part of our aftercare package you’ll be fully informed on things to look out for, how to avoid an infestation reoccurring in the future, and how to maintain any protection our experts may have put in place to preserve your property.

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Why choose Pimlico?

  • Availability
    We could be at your property within the hour and we’ll also provide ongoing support for whatever pest control problems you have.
  • Guaranteed protection
    Our highly trained and accredited technicians have extensive experience in using treatments and methods which are proven to work.
  • Quality
    The equipment we use is second-to-none. We provide pest control solutions using innovative tools that are the best in the industry.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
    We provide safe solutions and humane deterrents giving you peace of mind.
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Rodent control FAQ’s

These rodents have a rapid reproduction rate. They can start to reproduce when they turn 6 weeks old and on average, they give birth to 7 babies. This is why it is best to tackle a rodent infestation head-on, before they have a chance to breed.

We’ll be straight on the case to clear your home or workspace so that you, and those around you, are safe. Rodent control is something we don’t take lightly – we understand the severity of the situation and our aim is to take care of it for you as quickly as possible.

Pimlico’s rodent experts will take a full, in depth look for your property’s entrance points once we have eradicated your rodent problem – but here are some examples of things you should look out for: gaps in the drainage system, broken/missing vents, low windows and doors being left open at night.

Usually, rats and mice will appear in your property in the search for food, but sometimes they are simply in search of somewhere to reproduce and build a nest – something that we don’t want happening in your residence. Our team of specialists know the correct procedures to carry out in order to clear your house of any infestation, including nests.

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