Effective bird control for London properties

London and its surrounding areas have an extremely high population of nuisance birds such as pigeons, starlings, and seagulls. It often flies under the radar how damaging birds can be to someone’s property. When nesting or landing on buildings they can cause significant damage and mess, alongside bringing potential disease into your home or business. If you require bird control services, then we are here to take the stress away and provide a fast-track solution to your problem.

Common wood pigeon

Common wood pigeons

House Sparrow

House sparrows

Common Starling

Common starlings

Eurasian collared Dove

Eurasian collared dove







Herring Gulls

Herring gulls

Black backed gulls

Black-backed gulls

Your safety. Our priority.

Whether it is your home or place of business that is being affected, we have bird control specialists on hand to help you out no matter where you’re based in London. Not only are our experts highly trained they also use innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology to help eradicate your pest problem swiftly.

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Assessing for entry points and putting preventative measures in place, will ensure your problem is resolved and won’t easily return.

Your trusted bird control experts

We’re here to solve your bird problem, with a real focus on preventing them from returning. Our highly trained pest control technicians will recommend a combination of proven and trusted treatments giving you peace of mind.

We use the latest humane deterrents including:

  • Hawking
  • Bird spikes
  • Netting
  • Electronic bird deterrent systems
  • Trapping
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Bird control FAQ’s:

When properly installed and of a high quality, bird control measures such as spikes and nets can last for many years. However, these measures should be regularly inspected and, in cases where damage has occurred, they should be repaired or replaced. Pimlico’s bird control experts can help to maintain and repair your bird control measures, keeping your property bird-free for the long-term.

Birds use roofs as a vantage point and a place to feed or nest, especially in cities with less forested areas. Roofs provide birds with sought-after shelter and safety, which unfortunately means they have a habit of infesting all different types of property.

Yes they do, the birds see it as a place not worth landing on as it is no longer fit for resting or nesting. Spikes are an example of a humane preventative measure that we can install to keep birds away from your property.

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