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Despite their small size, tackling an insect infestation can be a huge task, requiring meticulous extermination and removal of any eggs or nests using professional equipment and specialist products. It’s vital to combat an insect infestation quickly to avoid extensive damage to your property and belongings, that’s why it’s best to call in the experts.

Bed bug
Bedbug Fumigation

Bedbugs can hide and reproduce in various parts of your property. Our experts will efficiently investigate, prepare and treat the area with specific formulas for these pests.

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Flea fumigation

Fleas can cause several problems like transmitting various diseases to humans and animals, so it’s essential to address flea infestations quickly and effectively with our expert service.

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Cockroach fumigation

Cockroaches carry pathogens that cause diseases in humans. We deal with cockroach infestations by installing exclusion measures, using targeted insecticides, and implementing follow-up visits

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Mosquito prevention

Mosquito prevention measures reduce mosquito populations and minimise their breeding sites. Key strategies we may use include source reduction and environmental modifications.

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Moth removal

Moth infestations risk damage to your clothes, furniture, and food stores. We will identify the moth species involved at initial inspection, before applying the best treatment needed.

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Wasps can cause damage to the property by chewing wood and other materials. Consult our experts for safe removal of wasps at your premises, from prevention through to extermination.

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Ants can cause damage to the property by building nests. Our experts can trap, bait or fumigate ants depending on the requirements, whilst also implementing prevention measures.

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The best way to deal with woodworm is to prevent it from getting into your home in the first place, however, if there is already an infection our experts can carry out treatment or fumigation.

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Ladybirds can become a nuisance when they invade properties in large numbers. We will address the associated issues through psychical removal, residual insecticides, and habitat modification.

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Silver fish

Silverfish tend to invade damp spaces, such as bathrooms, and are known for being particularly destructive and quick to breed. Our team will eradicate of both adult silverfish and their nests.

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Carpet Beetle
Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can infest your property and irreversibly damage fibre materials such as carpets and furniture. Using eradication methods, we will completely remove these pests from your property.

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Flies in your property carry a significant risk of disease. Our specialists are fully equipped to deal with eradicating your fly problem, including exterminating any nests or maggots.

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Spiders are a nuisance when they infest properties. Our experts will conduct an inspection and identification, before removing nests and webs, and in some cases, residual insecticides.

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Your safety. Our priority.

Whether it is your home or place of business that is being affected, we have insect control specialists on hand to help you out no matter where you’re based in London. Not only are our experts highly trained they also use innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology to help eradicate your pest problem swiftly.

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Our pest control specialists will conduct a full inspection of the infestation before determining the best course of action.



Using the best industry standard procedures and quality equipment, we will eradicate your infestation swiftly.



Assessing for entry points and putting preventative measures in place, will ensure your problem is resolved and won’t easily return.

London's eco-friendly experts for insect control

With over 45 years experience in property maintenance, we are dedicated to keeping you and your residence safe, clean, and insect-free. By staying on top of insect control and providing emergency extermination, we are safeguarding you and your property from possible disease carrying insects.

But that’s not all, we also ensure pests are eradicated safely. We use the latest chemical and non-chemical treatments as well as heat treatments to help resolve your infestation fast. We also use effective and humane deterrents, giving you peace of mind.


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Insect control FAQ’s:

We wouldn’t ever carry out a removal or decontamination procedure that could cause any harm to your family or pets without giving explicit warning of any dangers and how to stay away or stay protected from it.

Our experts will not solve your issue with just a temporary fix in mind – our aim is to eradicate the problem completely. Once the infestation is resolved, we will provide any tips in regard to maintaining whatever preventative measures we have put in place.

In case you ever did need us again for insect pest control, we would also have your case on record so we could tend to it quickly, already being fully informed.

It depends on the type and extent of the infestation in question. However, here at Pimlico we believe in providing detailed and realistic upfront estimations, so there will be no nasty shocks when it comes to the costs.

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