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If I Could I'd Have Treacherous Corbyn's Head On A Spike!

Charlie MullinsMonday 27th June 2016
Charlie Mullins

Apart from the breath taking collective idiocy of thousands of voters who it seems are now waking up to the ramifications of their actions in the polling booths last Thursday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is the single most responsible human, when it comes to attributing blame for what is happening, and what will happen in the coming months and years.

I am so angry with Mr Corbyn, that once his shadow cabinet have finished ripping him apart, I want his head placed on a spike on top of Traitor's Gate, where it deserves to be. He might be an ineffectual politician and a man with little presence when he enters a room, but not saying anything helpful to getting Labour voters on board the Remain campaign, more days than not, can only be calculated indifference. And his infamous '7/10' comment on the EU goes over the edge into the realm of treachery.

There is no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn has cost the UK billions of pounds as a consequence of his actions, or inactions, and this is something for which he must pay for. And since, unlike in Elizabethan times, capital punishment and the hanging of heads on spikes is frowned upon nowadays, I think the least we should do to Corbyn is charge him with treason, clamp him in irons, and if the Tower is unavailable, chuck him in HMP Wandsworth?

Although if we wait a few years without the protection of European human rights legislation, maybe we could opt for plan A?