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How Can Trade Union Reforms Be A Declaration Of War?

Charlie MullinsTuesday 15th September 2015
Charlie Mullins

The trade unions would have us believe that changing the law so that at least half of those eligable to when strike action is being considered actually bother to do so is a 'declaration of war' by the government. This of course is complete rubbish, as any fool can see that if the issue was serious enough it wouldn't be difficult to get a 50% turnout of members for a strike ballot.

What is really hard to believe is that they have been able to call strikes on ridiculously low percentages of agreement for so long. Why the hell have we been allowing them to bully us in this way?

And that's why it just has to stop. Even under the proposals which passed a second vote in parliament last night, a strike can be called on a majority, based on a 50% turnout, which of course means as low as 25% of members need to say call 'strike' for a 'down tools' order to be legal.

When this is passed this will be a truly liberating piece of industrial law, as it will end a situation where so few have been able to disrupt the lives of so many.