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George Osborne is right the Tories must sack May, but there's a load more rotten apples to dump!!

Charlie MullinsThursday 9th May 2019
Charlie Mullins

George Osborne is spot on when he says the Tories need a new leader if the party is going to return to relevance. 

Here's what he actually said to Sky News today:

"Eventually the party has to confront the truth. It needs a new leader, a new agenda, it needs to win over supporters who have disappeared and make an appeal to urban, metropolitan Britain that has turned its back on the Conservatives."

Most are concentrating on the 'new leader' bit, but the truth is Mrs May has been doing to bidding of the bad apples since day one.  A fat lot of good it has done her, except to destroy her party from the inside, more efficiently than ebola.

But if there's any new agenda possible for the Tories before the corpse dies from cataclysmic organ failure they must weed out the rotten apples that have been stinking up the place for years, and have somehow been allowed to degenerate into a foul brew that is poisoning all.