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Leading Exit Campaigners Split From Chaotic 'Vote Leave' Campaign!

Charlie MullinsFriday 5th February 2016
Charlie Mullins

I suppose you could say of the Vote Leave organisation that it 'does what it says on the tin', but most of us thought they were talking about a Brexit from the European Union, when they came up with their campaign title.

However recent events behind the scenes, and yesterday's very public implosion, seem to bely the idea that Vote Leave are anything resembling a united unit working towards winning public support, and votes, for the UK to leave the EU.

With chairman and businessman, John Mills, being sidelined, in favour of Nigel Lawson, and the removal of high profile board members, campaign director, Dominic Cummings and Tax Payers Alliance founder, Matthew Elliot, you have to wonder if Vote Leave isn't in complete meltdown? Could the rumoured behind the scenes sniping and scrapping, have become too much?

Perhaps, after seeing David Cameron's determined and fruitful efforts to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU, compared to his colleagues, who preferred to fight each other, rather than their corner, the man I knew as the CEO of Business For Britain, has decided he's on the wrong horse? Maybe in the days to come, convinced that his decision to join the out brigade was premature, Matthew will 'cross the floor' and throw his not inconsiderable lobbying talents behind Stonger In?

You do have to wonder what dyed in the wool anti EU membership supporters are thinking, when the public faces of their cause are preoccupied with a messy civil war, rather than guarding the borders they used to be so worried about?