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Pimlico MD Charlie Mullins took part in the Channel 4 programme The Secret Millionaire, where he spent a week in Warrington working with charities The HoneyRose Foundation, The John Holt Cancer Support Foundation and Long Lane Garden Centre, as an undercover handyman.

Since the show went out on 14th October 2009 the charities have been overwhelmed with well wishers and they have all received an enormous amount of support from all over the country and within their local community.

"The response we have had has been phenomenal, so many people contacted us and the feedback was really positive. We were inundated with enquiries about the charities and their profiles have been raised considerably since the show went out. All three charities have said that the amount of recognition they receive and the number of people using their services has increased since Secret Millionaire, which can only be a good thing.

“I do believe the authorities in this country try to hide the sheer number of people that need help and sweep them under the carpet just so they don’t look incompetent. Charities and the people they support need to be highlighted more so that they can receive the help that they need.

"I am honored to have been part of the show and to have met the people that I did. I have made friends for life who really are the salt of the earth," says Charlie.

Charities involved in The Secret Millionaire