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Cudeca Cancer Care Foundation

Cudeca Cancer Care Foundation

Support from Pimlico

The Pimlico team are pleased to have supported Cudeca as it offers care for an illness that affects many people. We were first introduced to Cudeca after getting involved in Talk Radio Europe’s annual telephone radio auction. This auction offered amazing prizes to the highest bidders and raised thousands of pounds for Cudeca Cancer Hospice each year.

Our donation of a ‘Pimlico Plumber for the Day’ prize and six of our replica Volkswagen T5 scale model vans featuring our famous personalized number plates: ‘BOG 1’, DRA 1N’, ‘W4TER’, ‘SHOWER’, ‘BIDET’ and ‘SINKS’ raised 1,100 euros for the charity.

“Sandro hosted a brilliant night for a brilliant charity. This was a spectacular evening and the entertainment and meal were out of this world. More importantly, this event raised an astounding 25,000 euros for Cudeca which will enable the charity to provide many more patients with specialist cancer care.”


A special kind of caring, Cudeca is a non-profit organization offering professional medical care to patients suffering from cancer or other advanced illnesses, as well as support to their families. All of which is given completely free of charge.


For more information, to donate, become a sponsor or even raise money, you can contact Cudeca via the details below:

Tel: +34 (0) 952 564 910

Website: www.cudeca.org/en

Registered Charity No: MA/728

24/7 & Emergencies 020 8108 0808