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Don’t Cut Corners – the ultimate checklist to help you get ready for winter

Don’t Cut Corners – the ultimate checklist to help you get ready for winter

Although the days still feel warm and the leaves are still on the trees, the reality is that winter is on its way. The autumn months of September and October are prime time to be preparing for winter in the UK. With the cost-of-living crisis and rising bills set to make this winter more challenging for many households, we have one key piece of advice: Don’t cut corners.

We know for many people it will be tempting to cut corners to help save money this winter. Unfortunately, skipping that annual boiler service, cutting out that much-needed roof inspection, or attempting a quick DIY fix for a plumbing issue can all lead to worse issues further down the line. Cutting corners during autumn is likely to lead to bigger issues during winter and may end up costing you significantly more money overall.

To help you not cut corners as you prepare for winter, our multi-trade experts have put together a handy checklist for you. Our winter preparation checklist will take you through all the most important areas in your home, so you can go into winter with the best chance possible of avoiding expensive, unforeseen issues.

How do you prepare your home for winter?

As the temperatures get colder, the days get darker, and the weather turns wet and windy, certain areas of your home are pushed to their limit. Some things like your central heating, are obvious areas of the home that need more attention in the run up to winter but there are other important areas that may not even cross your mind!

The areas of the home we most often see issues with during the winter months are:

  • Central heating
  • Drainage
  • Guttering
  • Roofing
  • Windows & doors
  • Lighting

If any one of these areas of your home has an issue during winter, it can quickly cause huge levels of discomfort as cold air, water and darkness take over. If left for any period of time, an issue with these areas could quickly escalate into unsafe living conditions. Fear not though, because we have put together a list of preventative actions you can take during the autumn months and throughout winter to minimise the risks.

Pimlico Plumbers winter preparation checklist

The ultimate winter preparation checklist for your home

Our ultimate winter preparation checklist has 7 tasks which are important to complete, to make sure you aren’t cutting corners over the coming months. But why do you need to take these steps? And what could go wrong if you do cut corners on these?

Annual Boiler Service

An annual boiler service not only ensures your boiler is running correctly, safely, and efficiently heating your home, but it can also save you up to £200 a year on bills and prevent problems later down the line by spotting them early. Buying a new boiler can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and in comparison, getting a boiler service is worth paying. If you cut corners and don’t get a regular service, small fixable problems could go undetected and may need an emergency repair or a whole new boiler later, which will likely be much more expensive than an initial service.

Drain Survey & Repairs

Winter weather means increased rainfall and even snow. High water levels from rain and melting snow and ice can cause drainage problems. A drain survey can pick up drainage problems early, such as leaks and damaged piping, which can be fixed before becoming a bigger problem. If you miss getting a regular drain survey, any hidden drainage problems can worsen and damage your property, cause damp and structural problems. Drainage issues can also cause high levels of wastewater, which is not only bad for the environment but can lead to increased bills.

Pimlico Plumber climbing ladder outside house

Gutter Repairs

Like drains, guttering can also get blocked and damaged from heavy rain and snowfall in the winter, as well as dead leaves and other foliage. Doing regular checks and getting repairs made will ensure your guttering is working correctly, which is necessary in the colder months as they need to effectively drain water away. Missing a repair can lead to broken guttering that can’t drain water properly, which can then cause loud noises and property damage if left for periods of time.

Roofing Survey & Repairs

Roofs take the brunt of the winter weather and any small fissures or issues can escalate very quickly in bad weather conditions. Without a regular survey to check and fix any issues before winter, harsh weather can cause catastrophic property damage, leaks and draughts which can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds more than the initial survey. Keeping your roof safe and secure during winter will also help improve your home’s efficiency when it comes to retaining heat – so getting your roof fixed could also help reduce your heating bills!

Test & Repair Electrics

Winter brings dark days and early nights, meaning we rely on our lighting a lot more. We also spend more time indoors during winter, so we rely on our electrics to keep us entertained and comfortable. Checking your electrics and getting any faults repaired by a qualified electrician is vital to keep your home comfortable and well-lit this winter. Avoiding this step in our checklist could mean you have to replace a costly appliance at the worst possible time, or you could be left with an all-out electrical failure during dark periods of the day/night. To help save money on bills during winter, you can also get an electrician in to swap your old halogen lighting for efficient LEDs.

Pimlico Plumber helping test a boiler

Test Heating

We all rely on our heating during winter, so it’s important to check it’s working properly before the cold sets in. Give your heating a test run during the autumn, so you have time to fix any issues before winter arrives. Leaving your heating off until winter can hide problems which are costly to fix during peak season. If you don’t check your heating and it ends up being broken when you need it, it can result in dangerous living conditions, especially for the elderly and vulnerable. This will mean needing an emergency call out and potential costly repairs.

Insulate Windows & Doors

Windows and doors, especially in older properties, are a major source of draughts and loss of insulation. If you find that your windows or doors are draughty, getting a qualified carpenter in to fix them up before winter can help cut out cold draughts, any whistling sounds, and will help keep your home warmer for longer, improving your heating efficiency and saving you up to £100 a year in the long run.


Pimlico Group offer services to help you tick off every item on the winter preparation checklist. By getting qualified professionals in to fix any issues thoroughly and correctly, you will not only be putting preventative measures in place to make your home winter-ready, but you will be saving money overall by reducing the risk of needing emergency repairs or adding additional damage to your property.

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