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A History of Apprenticeships

A History of Apprenticeships

Did you know that the first national apprentice scheme was introduced in 1563?

Apprenticeships can be traced back pretty far – all the way to the Middle Ages and medieval craft guilds. This included conditions much like todays minimum standards. Masters had no more than 3 apprentices and the apprenticeship could last up to 7 years.

history of apprenticeships

In the early 1900’s, there were over 340,000 apprentices in any given year. After both World War I and World War II, growth of apprentices continued. By 1960, a third of boys were leaving school to become apprentices!

In 1993 a new apprenticeship scheme was announced, called Modern Apprenticeships. This is what enabled apprentices to be considered as employees and earn a wage.

From 2004-2015, apprenticeships continued to grow and develop. This included the removal of the upper age limit of 25, as well as the introduction of higher and degree level apprenticeships.

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In 2020, Pimlico continues to encourage apprenticeships for all. They’re a fantastic way to develop skills and earn while you learn!

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