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9 strange sounds your house should never make

9 strange sounds your house should never make

With daylight closing in and Halloween fast-approaching, little noises around the house can seem a bit more spooky than usual. This season is all about goblins, ghosts, and witches, which can play on the mind more so than usual. However, there are some strange sounds around your house that, if you hear them, should not be ignored.

1) Trickling torment

The trickling of running water could mean a variety of things. First, check your house to see if any toilets are running or if the flappers are sticking. Then, check if your sprinkler system, washing machine, or dishwasher is running. Still don’t know? Turn off your house’s water and proceed to walk around your home checking for visible water damage throughout and look for pooling water in the garden, in crawl spaces, and around the outside of your house.

2) Booming boilers

Boilers can make unusual noises. If you hear a booming sound coming from your boiler, this may mean the burners are not lighting properly. This happens when gas builds up in the combustion chamber, delaying ignition and causing a slight exploding, popping sound. Another sound is whining coming from your boiler. This is known as “kettling”. It is triggered by limescale build-up on the heat exchanger. This is the part of the boiler that transfers heat from the gas to the water that circulates around your radiators. The best thing to do in any case is contact your local plumber.

A spider hangs down in front of an old light switch

3) Buzz, buzz, buzz

Is that a bug, an outlet, or a light switch that is buzzing? Whether it sounds like buzzing or humming, the issue is probably the same. This is caused from a loose connection that can result in sparking electrical fires. Definitely call your local electrician to resolve this as quickly and safely as possible.

4) Rattling refrigerators

A common appliance that likes to make eerie noises is the refrigerator. Popping or rattling sounds may point to a compressor issue. A constant humming means the fridge is continuously cooling and never cutting out. This can end up costing more on your electricity bill. The humming could mean there is a temperature regulation issue. Check that nothing is blocking the passageway between the refrigerator and the freezer compartments.

Another noise from refrigerators is buzzing. This could mean the compressor is breaking down. In both cases, call your local appliance repair experts to help you resolve this. It is also important to clean the refrigerator’s coils once each season to ensure it runs efficiently. The best way to do that is using a vacuum’s crevice attachment.

 5) Horrible hisssssing

Can you hear a snake in your house, or is it a gas leak? Hissing sounds can indicate a dangerous situation beyond escaping a UK resident grass snake. If you hear the hissing of a gas leak or smell it, leave the house as quickly as possible. Be sure to not touch light switches and do not use anything electric. Get as far from your house as you can and call your local gas-safe registered plumber immediately. Alert any nearby neighbours if necessary.

Ghosts appear from behind a noisy radiator

6) Clanking pipes

Is that a ghost or just a clanking sound coming from your pipes? This occurs when your radiator is not draining properly. Check that the radiator inlet is fully open. If that does not resolve it, try tilting the excess water in the direction of the pipe by placing shims underneath one side of the radiator. Although, this clanking noise could even be a sign of hydraulic shock. This happens when the water running through the pipes stops or changes direction abruptly. Call your local plumber as this can result in long-term damage.

7) Be weary of whistling

Whistling can make you think there is someone in your house. But more than likely, it is just your windows. The weather stripping may be worn down, or your windows may have not been properly installed, resulting in cold drafts counteracting your boiler’s hard work. Maybe your windows are simply getting old? Or it could be from weather changes causing the wood frames to expand? Regardless, the best way to know is to call the professionals and contact your local carpenter.

8) Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Is there a bubbling sound in your pipes? This could be an unexpected sound caused by your water heating, meaning there is a sediment build-up at the bottom of the appliance. Aside from the strange sound, this problem could also cause your boiler to heat water more slowly, costing you more on your bills in the long run. Call your local plumber to flush the inside of the tank and get it working like new again.

Bats fly out from gurgling pipes in the attic

9) Gruesome gurgling

The sound of gurgling is probably not a monster, but rather pipes having difficulty draining. Pipes are usually behind walls, ceilings, and floors, so you may think you have critters living in your attic making those noises. But it may just be your pipes. This auditory disturbance can mean an obstruction in the pipes that needs to be resolved by a trusted, professional plumber.

Whatever the spooky sound, do not hesitate to call your local tradesman before assuming it to be a phantom.

The sooner you make the call, the sooner you can put your mind at ease. It is vital to feel safe and calm in your home, so do not let strange sounds disturb your peace. Get them handled by friendly, local professionals from Pimlico. We are just a phone call away!

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