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Help! My toilet won’t stop running!

Help! My toilet won’t stop running!

Toilets can be problematic from time to time, from simple blockages, to leaks and sometimes even running continuously after a flush. A running toilet is not just annoying but can be costly as well. If your toilet keeps filling, then you could see an increase in your bills until it is fixed. But why does this happen and how can it be fixed?

Why is My Toilet Running all of a sudden?

A running toilet could be caused by a few problems, but the problem is usually simple to fix. The first step most people take is to try and flush again to see if the flush mechanism is stuck. If it isn’t, the next step to finding the issue is to investigate the running toilet cistern and see if there is an obvious problem, such as damaged components.

Once you remove the cistern lid, check that the water level in the cistern is at the water line. If it is below the line, make sure the water valve is fully turned on. If not, make any necessary adjustments and the water should start to fill the tank. If not, there might be another problem.

Sometimes a common cause of constant water running in the bowl is something wrong with the flapper. The flapper is a plug-like component in your toilet which releases water from the tank into the bowl via a valve when you flush it. This problem could be as simple as the flapper being stuck and not covering the valve properly or being damaged or dirty. Give the flapper and its chain a quick check to make sure it isn’t stuck, tangled or too dirty to effectively close the valve. If the flapper or chain is damaged or dirty, it might need cleaning or replacing.

These are just a couple of simple tricks to try to fix the problem yourself, however, toilets do get damaged and broken over time and can cause more severe problems, which would require a professional to diagnose and fix.

Will a running toilet eventually stop?

Unfortunately, a running toilet won’t stop by itself. It may appear to be a minor issue that you could live with, but if your toilet keeps filling and it is left running continuously without intervention it is bad news –  not only would you have a non-functional toilet, but your toilet could waste hundreds of litres of water, increasing your water bill in the process. Unfortunately this is one of those issues that won’t go away unless you take action.

A Pimlico engineer fixes a toilet and seals the cistern

How do you fix a toilet that keeps running?

Repairing a running toilet is a reasonably simple DIY project, though many people may struggle if they are not familiar with how a toilet works. As a result, this project is best suited to professional plumbers who can easily find the problem and get it fixed in as little time as possible.

If you discover your toilet won’t flush or your toilet is leaking out of hours, don’t panic! At Pimlico, we are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and we can get an emergency plumber out to you to fix your toilet.

If you experience any plumbing issues and require a professional, please reach out and contact us and we can help.

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