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Elevate your home with our comprehensive range of smart solutions

With top-of-the-line smart radiator thermostats like Nest and Hive, you gain precise control over room temperatures, maximising comfort whilst saving energy. Smart radiator valves provide a tailored approach to heating, adapting to your daily routines. From personalised temperature control to innovative load and weather compensation features, our technologies set the standard for intelligent, energy-saving heating systems.

Smart electric radiators offer cutting-edge technology to optimise energy usage. Whether you’re looking for individual room control or a more comprehensive heating system upgrade, we have the tools to enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.  

Smart solutions for every home

Smart room thermostats

Efficiently control your home's temperature with these thermostats. Enjoy energy savings, convenience, and smart learning capabilities for customised comfort.

Smart radiator valves

These valves offer cost-effective and convenient heating control. Easily manage schedules, integrate with voice assistants, and benefit from smart learning features.

Smart heating control packs

Experience energy efficiency and flexibility with comprehensive control packs. Manage your heating through various devices, detect open windows, and customise schedules.

Smart electric radiators

Integrate with your home ecosystem, optimise heating when you're away, and create personalised heating zones. Activate safety and holiday modes for added peace of mind.

Efficient home comfort at your fingertips

Achieve energy-efficient, cost-saving heating and cooling with smart technology. Conveniently manage your system from anywhere via Wi-Fi, smartphone, or PC, and enjoy voice control through Alexa or Google Home. Tailor schedules and benefit from smart learning while our sophisticated technology adapts to open windows and GPS coordinates.  

Benefit from advanced automation with safety modes, holiday modes, and different compensation options. With load compensation, you can modulate your boiler’s flow temperature based on the actual room temperature, or with weather compensation you can moderate flow temperature based on the outdoor climate.  

Pimlico engineer and customer
Pimlico engineer at customers gate

Why choose Pimlico?

  • Expert team – Pimlico has a highly experienced and skilled team based in London.  
  • Comprehensive servicesWe offer a wide range of home services, from plumbing to heating, and electrical all under one roof.  
  • Cutting-edge technologyWe provide innovative solutions and the latest in smart home systems including smart thermostats, smart radiator valves, and much more.  
  • Reliable & trustedPimlico is a trusted name, known for our reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.  

What our clients say

We are proud to support our clients across London with first class property maintenance services.

Pimlico engineer
Boiler replacement and radiator move very professional

James and Andrew spent 2 days replacing the boiler and replumbing radiators. Highly professional approach, keeping all their equipment tidy, insuring all replacement work was of the highest standard and fully compliant. It's not cheap, but you get real peace of mind with the work done.

Quick to reply and fix the issues in an expert manner

The engineer was very experienced and sorted out the issues very soon. I am very happy with the services!

Joanne Tipping
So impressed

So impressed - fantastic electrician Andrew fixed the kitchen under-cabinet lights that were flickering. He diagnosed and fixed the issue incredibly quickly, replacing the LED-driver unit with a brand new one and also fixed another electrical fault which he discovered.

Super friendly, professional and expert.

Highly recommended 10/10

Daniel H
The level of service and the response time was amazing

Thank you!

Bella Lisovitskaya
Good service

Used a locksmith from Pimlico who completed works to a high standard and was fully equipped. At the end, offered if there was anything other carpentry work they could do. Quite pricey but a no fuss experience so very worth it

Lucas T
Pimlico Plumbers great

Very efficient and respond quickly. More expensive but work completed is very professional and reliable.

G Hay
Radiator Valves

Installed a new hot water tap a few days ago and have also been to fix our heating. Drained the heating system and replaced 2 leaking radiator valves. Great job

Pimlico Plumbers deserved 6 stars

Pimlico Plumbers really offer a five star service. Their work is excellent, and you can trust their time estimates etc. We have used them several times and been satisfied every time, They are not the cheapest, but they get it right first time! All of the people I have met are pleasant, friendly and efficient.

Mrs Armstrong
Excellent service

Excellent service. At the house with 30min and fixed the plumbing issue very quickly. Made sure everything is in order cleaned up and asked if I wanted anything else. Very polite and knew his stuff. no waiting time. strongly recommend

Ricardo Honegger
Seamus is a superb 1st class electrician

Seamus is a superb 1st class electrician thorough, hardworking and concise in his work and communication.

Mr Gardiner
Happy New Customer

Excellent service, arrived on time and hot water tap working perfectly. Would highly recommend and Mick was a star!

I contacted Pimlico and 45 minutes later

I contacted Pimlico and Darren, a drains specialist arrived inside 45 minutes. Within another 45 minutes he’d found the cause of my drain blockage, cleared it and cleaned up after himself. Great service.

The Best

Adam came out at short notice to help us. We’ve used PP before. The very best and worth the cost. The job is always done properly to the highest standard.

Nicholas M
Annual gas check

Annual gas check including boiler and gas fire place. The service received was excellent and the work was carried out in a very clean and timely manner by Pimlico Plumbers.

My new boiler had developed a small but definite leak

Continuity of care is important to me, so it was a pleasure and a relief when Julian arrived to fix it.
I always appreciate his expertise and kindness .
Definitely my knight in shining armour!
Thanks Julian

Ruth Butler

Couldn't have been better - thank you

Karina Sauerland
Excellent service

My hot water stopped working in the morning, I called Pimlico and within 30 minutes the plumber had arrived. Lee was very cheerful and competent. He diagnosed the issues, purchased the required parts, and had everything installed & working before the end of the day. Great!

Great service from Pimlico

We needed a plumber to rectify a leak under the kitchen sink. The technician turned up exactly on time and put in a full days work. As part of this he replaced the incoming pipework, valves and flexible hoses which was necessary. His workmanship was excellent and we now have a proper, well laid out and installed water & waste system as opposed to the spaghetti that existed before. Service was excellent as it has been on previous occasions when we have used Pimlico.

Happy with Service

We have been very happy with the service we have received - the problem we had has been explained to us and given us the correct information we needed to resolve the issue.
Will use again

Quality craftsmanship and great customer service

I have used Pimlico Plumbers for a few jobs in the past few years (mostly plumbing and electrical). Their workers are always polite, friendly, and considerate. They take care of your property and belongings (e.g. taking their shoes off in the house, covering/protecting surfaces, and cleaning after the job). Their work is thorough, of quality, and they keep you up to date through out the process. I highly recommend Pimlico Plumbers.

A completely outstanding job

Josh, Mike and Barry have done a completely outstanding job. In particular, I would highlight the attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship in the work implemented. All three take a real pride in doing a great job.
Thank you for putting this team on my job.

D Robertson
They’re the true experts!

As ever the adage about getting what you pay for is very true - and with Pimlico you are getting the absolute best quality of professionals. In all of my dealings with Pimlico, I’ve appreciated their transparency around estimates, their advice as they’ve worked with me to get what I want and stay within budget, as well as their positive attitudes - not to mention the work itself which I’ve found to be meticulous, organised, and considerate. I’d happily recommend Pimlico for anyone else considering minor or extensive bathroom renovations, or anything else for that matter - they’re the true experts!

A De Grunchy
I have no hesitation in recommending Pimlico

I recently completed a project with Pimlico which involved stripping two bathrooms and doing a full renovation of both. The project was completed on time, on budget, and to the highest professional standards. I am thrilled with the results.
Throughout the communication between myself, the contractor, and the Pimlico team was excellent. E-mails and phone calls were without exception responded to promptly, and where appropriate, action initiated.
I have no hesitation in recommending Pimlico, based on my experience.

Excellent service

Excellent service, had all the materials to replace my bathroom extractor fan. Same day service. As always very professional and efficient.

Miguel Municio
Skilled carpentry work

We had Ed Jackson, a carpenter to undertake some works of repair to wooden flooring and install two shelves in a fitted cupboard. His work was excellent, he was a pleasure to have around and we shall certainly ask for him again.

Highly experienced carpenter

This carpenter was found to be most efficient in all aspects of the work that was carried out, and highly experienced.

Pimlico engineer

Smart heating system FAQ's

You can often install a smart thermostat yourself if you’re comfortable with basic electrical work and have a compatible heating system. Manufacturers provide installation instructions, and some models are designed for DIY installation. If you’re unsure or have a complex setup, consider hiring a professional installer, such as Pimlico, for safety and functionality. 

Yes, smart heating controls can save money. They allow you to optimise your heating system, create customised schedules, adjust temperatures remotely, and monitor energy usage. Over time, these features can lead to energy savings and lower utility bills. Pimlico offers a range of smart heating solutions to help you achieve these savings. 

Many smart thermostats are compatible with a variety of heating systems, including radiators. They can control the heating source (e.g., a boiler) that provides hot water to the radiators, allowing you to adjust the temperature and schedule remotely. Pimlico’s smart heating solutions are designed to work with various heating systems, including those with radiator.

The best smart heating system depends on your specific needs and preferences. Popular options include Nest, Hive, Ecobee, Tado, and those offered by Pimlico. Consider factors like compatibility, control options, and your budget when choosing the right system. 

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