Pimlico Brand

The Pimlico brand has helped us to become recognised as the UK's first branded plumbing company and as the most well known plumbing company in the world.

Our brand has been developed over nearly 40 years and is central to our memorable and effective corporate image and design. Everything from our instantly recognisable vehicles, that are seen all over London, to our distinctive company uniform contribute to our established and renowned reputation that has led to us becoming a household name in London.

We have achieved brand recognition that represents our quality and trustworthy service and acts as a benchmark in the industry.

Pimlico’s in house marketing department is led by Marketing Director Tony Davison who has managed and worked on the company’s brand for over 20 years.

Corporate Image

Our corporate design and livery is applied throughout the company. We are self reliant in design and marketing and produce virtually everything ourselves in-house – from concept to finished design and artwork.

Media Communications

Pimlico’s PR activities never fail to be unique and memorable and are a strong part of our brand.

We are very high profile and regularly feature on national television, on radio and in press. We are often used as spokesperson and as a benchmark for the industry.

Marketing Awards

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