Our People

Meet Our People:

Our employees here at Pimlico Plumbers are extremely dedicated and hardworking people.  To learn more about some of the team and their roles, click on their names!


Rachael Farmer - Recruitment Manager 

Tom O'Sullivan – Internal Recruiter

Jack Compton - Recruitment Assistant

Grace Rosam - Recruitment Assistant


Kevin Crabtree  - Human Resources Manager

Sarah Pallot - Human Resources Assistant

Client Relations

John Pierce –  Client Relations Department Manager

Tricia McAllister- Client Relations Assistant Manager 

Rhys Gennery – Client Relations Assistant Manager 

Jonathan Smith - Client Relations Team Supervisor

Chris Hogg - Client Relations Assistant 

Olivia Byrne - Client Relations Assistant

Alex Lengthorn - Client Relations Assistant

Mungo Pearce - Client Relations Assistant 

Jack Finn - Client Relations Assistant

Megan Harris - Client Relations Assistant

Danny Wetheral  - Client Relations Assistant


Chris Bulmer - Accounts Manager

Stephen Marks- Financial Controller

Andrew Watts - Accounts Assistant

Tina Bujupi - Accounts Assistant

Keith Naylor - Accounts Assistant

Lee Middleton - Accounts Assistant

Sophie Braben - Accounts Assistant

Chloe Coleman - Accounts Assistant

Tony Cox - Accounts Assistant

Liberty Hobbs - Apprentice Accounts Assistant

Louise Gilbody- Accounts Assistant

Customer Services

David Lawrence - Customer Services Manager

Shannon Tamsett - Customer Services Assistant

Charlie McCord - Customer Services Assistant 

Sarah Abbott Customer Services Assistant 

Harri HoughtonCustomer Services Assistant 

Daniel Hills - Customer Services Assistant 

Call Centre

Tayla Middleton - Call Centre Manager

Jo Loughrey – Call Centre Manager

Luke Frost – Call Centre Manager

Sam Wilding – Control Room Assistant

Emily Parkinson – Control Room Assistant

Sarah Moore – Control Room Assistant

Jill Whitehead – Control Room Assistant

Amy Maher – Control Room Assistant

Nicole Young – Apprentice Control Room Assistant

Casey Pell – Apprentice Control Room Assistant

Neil Harrison- Control Room Assistant


Karl Plunkett - Public Relations Manager

Lauren Cope - Public Relations Assistant

Mario Rebellato - Personal Assistant to Managing Director 

Umed Mistry - Information Technology Manager


Tony Davison  - Marketing Director


Karen Tien- Administration Assistant

Megan Carter- Administration Assistant

Depot / Garage

George Lusham - Transport Manager and General Manager 

Greg McGrath - Yard Assistant

Andrew Wilsher - Workshop Manager

Daniel Cooper - Body Shop Manager