CCTV Drain Inspection

High end CCTV equipment allows the drainage engineers we use to carry out a detailed inspection of a drain or pipe system that is not easily accessible. A CCTV camera will be inserted to pinpoint any problem that are not directly apparent quickly and efficiently.

A CCTV drain inspection can reveal many things and early detection can prevent further problems from occurring.

Problems that can be detected by a CCTV drain surveys include:

Once an engineer has viewed the CCTV survey footage they can identify any problems, assess the current condition of the drain/sewer, spot any potential problems that could be encountered in the future and make recommendations for any immediate or long term action to be taken. A DVD of the footage will then be made available to customers and on request a detailed report will be produced.

CCTV Drain Surveys for Potential Home Buyers

The engineers we use can also carry out CCTV drain surveys for potential home purchasers before they complete on the sale of a property to prevent any unexpected costs later on. The engineers will carry out a full inspection of the property’s drainage system and provide a detailed report, by request, on any structural damage and possible problems that could occur at a later date.