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Dean Moors - Carpentry Manager

Dean Moors
Carpentry Manager

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Highly skilled in all areas of trade, Pimlico’s specialist Walthamstow handymen can expertly deliver, implement and maintain a wide array of repairs for homeowners and large corporations. From hefty costs to time consumption, labour related jobs can be the ultimate aggravation and can completely hinder day-to-day errands, especially for those who run on busy schedules. However, with Pimlico’s expertise, a handyman in Walthamstow can completely certify a quick, yet efficient installation and simple up-keep - allowing your daily regime to run freely without the worry of nuisance household repairs. Advancing in a series of labouring roles, a Walthamstow handyman is highly skilled and equipped in amending all appliances, from electrical, interior remodelling, painting, plumbing and other repairs within the home. As a leading provider in the Handyman industry, Pimlico Plumbers only recruit fully insured workers who are more than happy to provide a superior service to all Walthamstow customers requiring “quick-fixes”. Whether you are looking for general maintenances or you’ve devised a larger renovation project, our handymen have the full capability to exceed all your expectancies when fixing all of your “odd-jobs”.

The Services our Handymen Provide

Specialising in a wide range of tradesman work, our handyman in Walthamstow team are able to provide a premium service for all household errands and responsibilities. From smaller repairs to extensive and continuing maintenances, general upkeeps are completed to the highest standards no matter the cost or circumstance. If you require a just a lick of paint, full re-decoration or skilled installation for mechanical repairs, our team will assist your every need. If you’re requested task is not listed below, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff and let us know what you’re looking to have repaired. Our most common provided services include:

  • Assembling Furniture
  • Mounting TV’s, Pictures, Designs and Frames
  • Painting and Decorating and Re-tiling
  • Repairing Faulty Appliances
  • Installing light bulbs and other mechanical equipment
  • Roofing and external maintenance

The Assistance of a Handyman in Walthamstow

Offering their service for all amendments, a Pimlico Walthamstow Handyman equips a comprehensive, yet authoritative skillset, which enables all installations and applications to be perfected no matter their capacity. Unmatched to other Walthamstow Handyman Agencies, our specialist team completely assure all projects are fulfilled to the requirements from our clientele, as well as adhering to health and safety guidelines. As London’s largest and fastest-developing independent service company, Pimlico’s tradesmen’s central aim is to faultlessly finalise all client requests and expectations, delivering an exceptional, outstanding and first-class service, without compromising quality with unreasonable prices.

Why Choose Pimlico’s Walthamstow Handyman Team

Providing a trusted, seamless and dependable service to both, domestic and commercial sites, our highly skilled tradesmen offer their services on hourly rates which we monitor weekly. From common repairs and improvement projects to larger renovation developments, our expert team is readily available to provide a solution to suit your personal circumstance. Whether you’re a director of a sizeable corporation, a residential proprietor managing housing estates, or an established estate agent agency who is administrating various premises, Pimlico Plumbers’ Walthamstow handymen can assist all of your needs. Rest assured, our handyman services deliver exceptional results on a regular basis, providing a reliable and qualified facility, we’ll undertake all of your handyman tasks immediately and without delay. With over 40 years of establishing a premium tradesman brand, we have executed a multitude of manual solutions, ensuring every project is comprehensively completed with robust construction and an appealing aesthetic. Working closely with every client, we guarantee precision and perfection of your fix, and by acquiring an extensive, yet dependable skillset, a Pimlico Handyman in Walthamstow can resolve and assist any dilemma you may have.

Carpentry & Locksmiths Rates (per hour)


*Fixed price
**Excludes Commercial Heating & Gas

Charges are per hour with a one hour minimum charge and thereafter in 15 minute units. Some work can be carried out on Estimate.
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