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Clogged sink plumber services

It’s hard to know what to do when there’s a blockage in your sink. There are plenty of reasons for this to happen. Kitchen sinks can get blocked by cooking grease or oil build-up on the pipe walls, whereas bathroom sinks get blocked by dirt, skin flakes and hair getting caught in pipes.

At Pimlico, we know how to deal with each individual blockage:

  • Food and grease: Food particles and grease can easily accumulate in your sink drain, causing blockages. The pungent smells, time spent avoiding the piling dishes, and the fearful thought of ‘backsplash’ can be avoided with a call to Pimlico. We’ll find a plumber for your clogged kitchen sink immediately.
  • Bathroom sinks: These sinks are prone to hair and soap build-up, which can lead to slow draining or a complete blockage. Our plumbers can remove the blockage with the help of the latest technology and tools, so that we can get your sink back to running smoothly.
  • Foreign objects: Our plumbers find that foreign objects, such as jewellery, can fall down the sink drain and cause a blockage. Valuable items such as wedding rings can be retrieved with our specialised tools to retrieve the object safely and clear the drain.

Don’t let blocked sinks ruin your day. Contact Pimlico today to schedule a plumber to unblock your sink for your London home. We’re always here to help.

Sink unblocking

It’s time to forget the baking soda, the plumbing snake, and the copious toilet cleaning agents, and let Pimlico deal with your blocked sinks. Our plumbers are experts at unblocking a toilet, sink or bath within a couple of hours of your telephone call.

Pimlico is fully experienced in investigating and dealing with sink blockages, slow-draining baths, toilets and internal pipework. Contact us and have a local London-based plumber fix your blocked sink.

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Pimlico engineer outside Wembley Park in Brent

Why choose Pimlico?

  • With over 40 years of experience, Pimlico has a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction when it comes to clearing blocked sinks. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Fast response time

    Blocked sinks can be a major inconvenience, which is why Pimlico offer fast, same-day service to get your sink back to working order. With Pimlico vans dotted across London, we can get to you as soon as possible.

  • Experienced plumbers

    Pimlico have years of experience and have seen it all when it comes to sink blockages. Our plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to quickly diagnose and fix your problem.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

    We stand behind our work and guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you're not completely happy with our service, we'll do everything we can to make it right.

  • Don’t let a blocked sink ruin your day. Contact Pimlico today to have your blocked sink cleared. Pimlico are available 24/7, and our experienced plumbers are ready to fix your sink quickly and efficiently. Pimlico is committed to providing you with the best possible service, so you can get back to your daily routines as soon as possible.

Blocked sink FAQs

While there are some DIY methods for fixing a blocked sink, such as using a plunger or a drain snake, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional plumber. DIY methods can sometimes make the problem worse, causing more damage to your sink or plumbing system.

If your sink is draining slowly or not draining at all, it’s likely that you have a blocked sink. You may also notice gurgling sounds or unpleasant odours coming from your sink.

Plumbers use industry tools and techniques to fix a blocked sink. They may use a drain snake or hydro jetting to clear the blockage and clean the drain. They may also use a camera inspection to locate the source of the blockage and determine the best course.

The cost of fixing a blocked sink can vary depending on the severity of the blockage. More complex blockages or those that require additional repairs may cost more. Get a more detailed quote by contacting us.

What our clients say

We are proud to support our clients across London with first class property maintenance services.

Pimlico engineer
Boiler replacement and radiator move very professional

James and Andrew spent 2 days replacing the boiler and replumbing radiators. Highly professional approach, keeping all their equipment tidy, insuring all replacement work was of the highest standard and fully compliant. It's not cheap, but you get real peace of mind with the work done.

Radiator Valves

Installed a new hot water tap a few days ago and have also been to fix our heating. Drained the heating system and replaced 2 leaking radiator valves. Great job

Excellent service

Excellent service. At the house with 30min and fixed the plumbing issue very quickly. Made sure everything is in order cleaned up and asked if I wanted anything else. Very polite and knew his stuff. no waiting time. strongly recommend

Ricardo Honegger
Happy New Customer

Excellent service, arrived on time and hot water tap working perfectly. Would highly recommend and Mick was a star!

Excellent service

My hot water stopped working in the morning, I called Pimlico and within 30 minutes the plumber had arrived. Lee was very cheerful and competent. He diagnosed the issues, purchased the required parts, and had everything installed & working before the end of the day. Great!

Great service from Pimlico

We needed a plumber to rectify a leak under the kitchen sink. The technician turned up exactly on time and put in a full days work. As part of this he replaced the incoming pipework, valves and flexible hoses which was necessary. His workmanship was excellent and we now have a proper, well laid out and installed water & waste system as opposed to the spaghetti that existed before. Service was excellent as it has been on previous occasions when we have used Pimlico.

Quality craftsmanship and great customer service

I have used Pimlico Plumbers for a few jobs in the past few years (mostly plumbing and electrical). Their workers are always polite, friendly, and considerate. They take care of your property and belongings (e.g. taking their shoes off in the house, covering/protecting surfaces, and cleaning after the job). Their work is thorough, of quality, and they keep you up to date through out the process. I highly recommend Pimlico Plumbers.

Pimlico engineer
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