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Dean Moors - Carpentry Manager

Dean Moors
Carpentry Manager

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Offering a broad spectrum of Handyman Services in London, the employees we recruit at Pimlico Plumbers are specially trained in electrical, plumbing or construction related labour jobs, and each individual has an independent domain; an area of expertise. House-hold issues, interior repairs and property maintenance are the ultimate frustration and if you partake in a hectic and busy schedule, finding an effective resolution can sometimes prove challenging. It may be time to source assistance from a reputable and certified Handyman in London! Trusting a stranger to solve your home improvements can be daunting, however, here at Pimlico Plumbers, we can guarantee that our operatives obtain years of experience in the manufacturing industry, allowing them to have developed a large basis of returning clients. We consider all requirements to your home and adhere to all safety guidelines, in accordance with the latest, up-to-date construction regulations. Taking a comprehensive approach to all London Handyman jobs, over time we’ve optimised the entire process to offer complete functionality, giving undivided attention to all tasks we receive. In this profession, our team are multi-skilled and can utilise their abilities during the execution of ‘the odd job’ around the house.

Efficient London Handyman Services

Whether you’re in the middle of a home-renovation or require simple property maintenance, your Handyman in London can take on a vast array of jobs around the house. Offering full effectiveness and decorative services in their respective field, the services that we supply, deliver and install are personalised to suit the property type and the specific job that needs to be completed. Saving you time and money in the process, our punctual and promptly proficient London Handymen are exceedingly capable of carrying out manual labour tasks. Repairs and Improvements: Owning a property can become expensive, whether it’s a faulty light bulb, furniture assembly or leaky taps, our creditable labourers are able to provide all necessary materials, equipment and tools in order for the job to be finished successfully. We pride ourselves on being consistently diligent, attentive and conscientious – with a growing reputation in the construction sector, there is no better company to source handymen from! Property Maintenance: Offering comprehensive preservation to your property and acquiring a wealth of knowledge and awareness regarding a multitude of estate issues and queries, if you require a Handyman in London to handle all maintenance, we can guarantee that our quality of work is of the highest standard. We always comply to a virtuous criterion, presenting total satisfaction and fulfilment to all customers we work with.

Optimal London Handyman Availability

Availability is vital, which is why we have tailored our services to be performed 7-days-a-week, 24 hours a day – we are aware that flexibility is imperative, and many clients require handyman services outside the usual working hours. Inevitably, houses are unpredictable, and many renovation responsibilities require immediate attention, ensuring your handyman is available at your convenience. Unlike many of our competitors, our dedicated handymen have their final vision in mind – and can mentally view how effective the impact of small property revamps can have on your house or commercial property.

Why Utilise the Assistance of a Handyman in London?

Handyman services exist to help home-owners and landlords manage building issues – whether that’s aesthetic improvements, e.g. repainting or plumbing/electrical troubles e.g. fridge repairs. The services our London Handymen provide are exceptionally cost-effective, competent and resourceful – better known as property handlers, our representatives are capable of providing many other professional skills, offering expertise in the handyman enterprise. Pimlico are leading independent providers in London, with over 380 trusted tradesmen posing remarkable proficiencies, our loyalty to providing customers with complete accomplishment for their property is second to none. We fully understand that the interior and entire ‘look’ of your home is a crucial part of why people decide to seek help from professionals, we can assure that our handymen are experienced and have the ability to conform to specific requirements and suitably match all goals and objectives which the client has informed us about.

The London Handyman Team Consists of Top Experts

Employing a team of expert specialists, our London Handymen can affirm your need for seeking help from a qualified professional - if you’re interested in recruiting the assistance and guidance of a Handyman in London, you’ve come to the right place and Pimlico are delighted to be working with more customers in our thriving capital. To speak to one of our friendly team members, give us a call on 020 7928 8888 if you’d like to make a booking, our representatives are available 24 hours a day. Even if you’re unsure about what services we provide, by contacting us, our staff can give you a detailed explanation on how the execution of handyman services are delivered.

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Charges are per hour with a one hour minimum charge and thereafter in 15 minute units. Some work can be carried out on Estimate.
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