Employment Minister Priti Patel Talks Pimlico Plumbers In Parliament!

After Employment Minister Priti Patel joined us here at Pimlico for The 5% Club quarterly meeting last week, it was great to hear her give us a mention yesterday while talking about apprenticeships.

It’s always fantastic to see support for apprenticeships and Priti is definitely drinking from the same teapot as me on the topic.

As she, very rightly said, apprenticeships offer a brilliant opportunity for young people and also the economy. They are the future and her dedication to them is so encouraging for the future. That’s why I employ apprentices in every trade and office department, and also why I’d take on 100 more tomorrow if I could.

An apprenticeship got me where I am today, so through my own personal experience and also the success stories of so many at Pimlico Plumbers, I can’t encourage them enough. With the skills shortage that we’re facing now, there’s no better time to get on an apprenticeship to gain a skilled career for life

Apprenticeship Scheme

In 2009, and as a former apprentice, I realised that we were going nowhere in generating a future workforce for our industry and more particularly creating apprenticeships for people to become qualified to be that workforce. We always need experienced tradesmen in order to progress and develop our own business and it just wasn’t happening for us, or for anyone else as far as I could see. I sent my proposals to the government then and five years on we’ve only had lip service to the ideas I put forward.

We’ve had a watered down NIC ‘holiday’ in response to that which I proposed and an even weaker response to the Apprentice incentive scheme. The NIC holiday was very restrictive and the Apprentice incentive wasn’t much better. Why is it that politicians always aim for the short term least costly investment which turns out to be the most expensive in the long term? We need bold and imaginative ideas and solutions to tackle a growing problem and we needed to implement them immediately not when our backs are to the wall.

I’ll say it again. Give all firms an NIC Holiday for apprentices for 3 years. Pay the employer the Job Seekers Allowance and turn it into a Job Achiever’s Allowance as way of offsetting  the company’s training costs, reducing unemployment in young people, and building a skilled workforce for the future.

Join me by signing our petition asking David Cameron to implement these proposals fully.

‘David Cameron, please take note and implement our Apprenticeship Scheme to give the youngsters of today a future,’
From a former apprentice who talks common sense.

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