Pimlico Pensioner Priority Service

The Pimlico Pensioner Priority was put in place after hearing the experience of a customer (Mrs K-G in W11) who lost all her heating.
The 76 year old was left without any heating and called her regular service - British Gas.

She was given an appointment more than a week away and bearing in mind this was a scheduled call and not a fix which can take even more time.

She then called British Gas again to explain that she was a pensioner and in poor health which then brought the call down to five days!'

This was not a good predicament to be left in and hence the call to Pimlico who were able to attend and remedy the fault within 24 Hours.

This whole episode brought it home to us that someone of this age, and not in the best of health, should be a priority for any responsible service company dealing with an emergency of this nature.

Hence we now have our ‘Pimlico Pensioner Priority Service where we will guarantee a service call within 24 hours at the very outside but with all probability that it will be within the hour in very urgent situations.