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Pat Murphy - Gas Manager

Pat Murphy
Gas Manager

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Rob Bennett - Heating Manager

Rob Bennett
Heating Manager

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Jamie Matthews - Heating Manager

Jamie Matthews
Heating Manager

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Pat first came to Pimlico in the ‘80s as a plumber and heating engineer and, after pursuing other work, returned as Technical Services Manager for our heating division over 15 years ago.

As Pimlico’s most senior manager Pat brings a wealth of experience in the industry, and can provide estimates for all types of plumbing and heating work. Specialising in boiler installs, and the design and installation of central heating systems and gas work.

Pat performs various tasks related to gas compliance, ensuring the company is always working in accordance with its gas accreditations. His time is split between site visits; going into buildings and checking that everything gas-related meets regulation standards, and managing the administrative responsibilities involved.

You can be sure that Pat will advise you of the best options, accurately assess and evaluate the viability of works, and provide you with a practical and highly efficient solution for your heating system. He is highly knowledgeable in installing heating and gas appliances and will ensure that the best and safest practices in heating systems and controls are used.

Estimate Hours

Estimates can be carried out Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. An appointment can be made, at a time that suits you. Estimates outside of these hours can be arranged. Written estimates will be posted (or emailed) within 48 hours of an estimator's visit and are valid for 6 months.

For urgent work, estimates can be arranged promptly and work can then commence immediately.

Estimate Appointments

Our estimator will assess the work and provide you with a detailed description of the estimate, a full breakdown of the costs and organise a schedule.

Our estimator will also oversee all work carried out on your job and keep you updated on its progress.