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Theresa May has screwed both Leave & Remain campaigns just by being on their teams!!

Charlie MullinsThursday 9th May 2019
Charlie Mullins

You have to laugh, otherwise you might jump off Westminster Bridge in despair!!

Yesterday when challenged over her shitty record at delivering Brexit Theresa May retorted that if the issue was about her and the way she had voted '...we would already have left the European Union.'

That struck me a rather bizarre, since she allegedly voted to stay in the EU at the 2016 referendum.  

I'd also ask what's left of the discredited Leave movement why they thought putting Mrs May in charge of their baby was a good idea, since she had already proved such an unmitigated failure for the other side.

Anyway, we have a PM who is a two time loser on the same fight, which is hilarious in a kind of perverse way, especially since we seem to be stupid enough to let her keep her job.

You couldn't make it up!!