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Supreme Court Verdict: Will Self-Employed Trades Get Justice in the UK This Morning??

Charlie MullinsWednesday 13th June 2018
Charlie Mullins

This morning at 9:45am we will know if the five justices of the UK Supreme Court who heard our appeal against Gary Smith, a former plumber, contracted to us in 2011, who subsequently claimed he was entitled to employment rights as an employee.

Previous court decisions, including the Court of Appeal last year, have already decided that Mr Smith was not an employee, but instead they classed him as a 'worker', which gave him certain employment rights that I've always disputed.  Gary was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds (£500,000 in one three year period) while working for Pimlico, and the understanding was always that he would take care of his own interests.

Gary always knew he was a self-employed contractor for Pimlico Plumbers, from the moment he signed a contract with the company, and only decided he wanted to be able to 'have his cake and eat it' when he became ill.  This I find fundamentally dishonest and unfair, and that is why I have continued this fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Very soon the moment of truth will arrive at 9:45am at the Supreme Court on Parliament Square, and I am hopeful that the five justices of the Supreme Court will take this opportunity to level up the playing field and the scales of justice. 

This is hugely important for the wider building industry, as well as many others including the media, and this case is a huge opportunity for the UK Supreme Court to drag the UK's outdated mid-20th century employment law into the 21st century.

I will be at court tomorrow with my legal team, and will be available for comment outside the court after the hearing, from about 10am.