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Sky News: The Supreme Court Ruling Isn't About Gary Or A Couple Of Quid We Have To Give Him. There's A Much Bigger Picture

Charlie MullinsThursday 14th June 2018
Charlie Mullins

During Gary's time with Pimlico Plumbers, he operated as self-employed and was VAT registered.  He paid taxes on a self-employed basis, bought his own tools and materials, on which he reclaimed tax, also claiming for an office in his home, chose when he wanted to work, and even employed his wife to carry out secretarial tasks for him and offset that as a business expense.

In one three-year period Mr Smith earned more than £500,000 as a self-employed contractor, but when his circumstances changed he wanted me to foot the bill for sick and holiday pay, as well as to grant him other employment rights, which he was not entitled to, and which in my view, as a highly skilled, and highly paid contractor he had already been paid to take care of for himself.

My gripe though isn't about Gary, or a couple of quid we have to give him. The point is, that there is a much bigger picture here. 

Five judges in the highest court in the land had the opportunity to drag our outdated employment law into the 21st Century, but instead they bottled the decision, and as a result thousands of companies across the UK, who use contractors in an honest and responsible way, just like Pimlico, but they will remain exposed to huge potential claims in the future.

It's for them, that I'm going to consult with my lawyers, and work out the best move and my next options for continuing this fight for justice. 

Watch my full video here.