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You Can't Sugar-Coat a Turd: Scrap Brexit - Because 'NOBODY VOTED TO BE POORER!

Charlie MullinsThursday 12th July 2018
Charlie Mullins

There is nothing clearer than the fact that Brexit, in whatever sugar-coated form they try to serve it up to us, is less of a 'polished turd' and more a steaming pile of poo.  At every turn pro-Brexit arguments have been ripped apart, leaving not a shred of credible evidence left in its favour.  

So isn't it time that we stopped trying to fudge our way to some kind of face-saving compromise and just admit that the best thing to do is scrap the whole suicidal project completely?    

Brexit was supposed to take us to a prosperous land where everything was so much better, but now even the most rabid Brexiteer, Nigel Farage, openly admits this promise was false.

This is why I have installed a giant common sense message on the side of my London HQ making it very clear that the central promise of Brexit, was a lie because:


The 100-foot long declaration of truth will stay up until a People's Vote on what voters of the UK really think about Brexit, now that they can better see exactly what it will mean for them and their families.

It's obvious by the effect even the shadow of Brexit is having on the UK economy that leaving the European Union is a bad idea, and one that needs to be killed off.

The only way this can reasonably happen, given the constitutional mess we have got ourselves into is by holding a People's Vote.  Such a vote is the only way out of Brexit, and that is why I am determined to campaign until a date is set.  

We also need to send a message to the EU that our Government does not speak for the people of this country.  Our Brexit-loving politicians have, for the advancement of their own careers, sold the UK people and its business community down the river, and I'm not prepared to stand by and let this continue.