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Real Business: Why should a distribution centre pay less in business rates than a local book shop?

Charlie MullinsTuesday 10th July 2018
Charlie Mullins

I’ve always believed that competitive advantage in business should be about applying enterprising ingenuity, delivering quality service and having excellent products.

The best businesses do it differently, stand out from the crowd and make customers feel appreciated. But, as many a parent has told their children over the years, life isn’t fair and, in the case of businesses it’s an unfairness that’s putting livelihoods and jobs at risk.

I’ve written several times over the past few years about the state of retail and the high street, and recently, unfortunately, more often than I’d have liked.

In the past it was how big firms, like Woolworths failed to adapt to changes in society and shopping habits. It has been a bit of modern history that’s continuing to repeat itself with stores such as House of Fraser.

It is also about the advent of online shopping, which has affected retailers, big and small alike, with none immune to the effects of the click-to-buy revolution.

And while the high street has been told that it must . . . . . read the rest of my weekly column in Real Business Magazine online here