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Pleased To Welcome Tayler Phelps, Apprentice Mechanic To The Team!

Charlie MullinsThursday 11th January 2018
Charlie Mullins

Really pleased to welcome Tayler Phelps, our newest apprentice mechanic to the Pimlico Family. Tayler is joining apprentice Abbie Rose in our in-house garage, where we service our fleet of over 250 vehicles.

Tayler initially joined Pimlico in December of 2017 for two weeks work experience in admin, but soon made her interest in Mechanics known.

We had her chat to head mechanic Nigel who immediately spotted her potential – and put her in touch with our Apprenticeship Co-Ordinator Clare Conor.

Full speed into 2018 and Tayler is now working as Mechanic Lee Abbott’s apprentice. Lee himself started out on an apprenticeship, and is now passing on his knowledge and advice to young Tayler. 

Talking to Tayler today, I'm really proud to hear the encouragement she got from Abbie to pursue her dream career - regardless of her initial worries take up an apprenticeship in a field dominated by the opposite sex.

The entrepreneur and pragmatist in me says let’s stop waiting for society to catch up with the complexity of gender identity, because quite honestly, gender doesn’t define what careers we can and cannot do.

We define our own paths and we can pick our own futures - and it's great to see that Tayler has done just that!

She said: "I’ve always loved working with cars, but I never thought it could actually be my career. As much as I dreamt of being a mechanic, I never thought I’d be taken seriously as a female in the industry so I settled for a job in admin rather than pursuing my passion. I was taken on for two weeks work experience by Pimlico Plumbers, and started hearing about a female Apprentice Mechanic Abbie Rose. Her confidence was inspiring, and seeing the rest of the team at Pimlico respect and welcome her was very new to me. I suddenly felt like there was a place for me in mechanics, which I never before thought was possible. Pimlico opened its doors to me as an Apprentice, and I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to learn from such well-seasoned professionals. Abbie’s courage to be true to herself will always motivate me and I hope someday I can be that, for someone else."

Welcome to the team Tayler - and Good Luck!!