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New Plumbing Business Rises Like A Pheonix In Luxembourg After Pimlico Visit!

Charlie MullinsThursday 16th October 2014
Charlie Mullins

Back in July I received a letter from a bloke called Manou Mond, whose grandfather used to run a plumbing firm in Luxembourg. The company had been sold and the new owners had gone out of business. Manou was keen to get his company back up and running and was keen to see how we do things.


It was a pleasure to show him around the place, and I'm really heartened to hear today that he went home and threw himslef into the business and that things are going very wll for him.

Below is the email he sent me last night . . . . complete with a promise to send me some Chinese tea (with brewing instructions). Nice one Mond, it was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you continued good fortune with your business.

Hello Charlie

Actually the day after i came back from London I decided to recreate a company after all. 1 month later 1.of September and with a lot of effort I was able to open the doors with 4 very good technicians and one sublime assistant. Today my website went online and I contributed a small article about my visit at your company.

For now the web page is in french only, but I will translate it to english and german when I got some spare time (Looks very likely never ;o) business is very good already.) The first month I already did over 100 jobs and over 100 small offers thanks to a letter that we sent to over 4600 old customers. 

In Luxembourg the laws do not allow me to run the company exactly the same way Pimlico does, but my visit inspired and most importantly motivated me.

My wife is currently in China and will be back in 2 weeks, then I finally will be able to send you some decent Chinese Tee as I promised. (Do not add sugar nor milk ;o)) Here is a small demonstration of how to get the most out of the Tee (thats how i drink it) , the difference and result of the taste is astonishing.

Thanks again to you and Charlie, I hope you will forward him this e-mail.