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London Live: I Will Continue To Fight The Good Fight To Bring These Employment Laws Into The 21st Century

Charlie MullinsThursday 14th June 2018
Charlie Mullins

To put it bluntly, I'm disappointed that the Supreme Court has ruled against Pimlico Plumbers, by ruling that plumber, Gary Smith, was a worker, rather than the self-employed contractor we all knew he was when he was carrying out work for my company.

The five judges in the highest court in the UK had the opportunity to drag our outdated employment law into the 21st Century, but instead they bottled the decision, and as a result thousands of companies across the UK, who use contractors in an honest and responsible way, remain exposed to huge potential claims in the future. 

Self-employed contractors choose to be self employed, and choose to work for companies such as Pimlico Plumbers. It gives our trades people a wonderful lifestyle, and that is why most of my 300-strong team choose to work in this way, and why they understand that the big bucks they are pulling in assume will take care of their own sick and holiday pay.

I unfortunately have to disagree with Rebecca Hilsenath's take that Gary wasn't given basic employment rights. Yesterday outside the courts, when Gary was asked if he was exploited by Pimlico, his answer was 'no'. 

This case sheds light on the cobwebs surrounding our employment laws, and I will continue to fight the good fight, to bring these laws up to date. 

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