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Invincible - We're Drinking From Same Teapot as Vince to Save UK From Brexit Oblivion!

Charlie MullinsWednesday 28th February 2018
Charlie Mullins

I often say I don't do meeting unless they are 100% necessary, and this morning I had the type of meeting I like, worth having, short, and with people who know what they want and don't beat around the bush.  Today those people were Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable, and his Brexit Spokesman, Tom Brake MP.

Tom's official title is Liberal Democrats spokesman for Exiting the European Union, which is a bit weird, since along with his boss Vince, he thinks Brexit is the worst idea since Chamberlain got on a plane to Munich.  Believe me we're definitely all drinking from the same teapot on this one! 

Basically we all agree that the only way to get us out of the mess we're in over Brexit and save the economy from going to seven kinds of hell, is to show that the will of the people has changed.  To do that we need another vote, which the Government appear ready to fight to the death to avoid (which should tell a story in itself). 

There are some people who will never accept that leaving Europe is a bad idea, just like there are many, like me, Vince and Tom, who think they are raving lunatics.  And then there's the group in the middle, who we think are prepared to listen to sound, well reasoned arguments, as to why we, along with our children and grandchildren, have a far better and more prosperous future as part of Europe.

Our goal is to force a vote on any proposed deal before it's too late, and that means the end of 2018, and the way to do that is to convince the middle group that not only is Brexit a terrible idea, but crucially, that IT CAN BE REVERSED, if enough people demand another vote.