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Hunting Spineless Tech-Unicorns is a Fool's Errand Compared to 'Backbone' Businesses!

Charlie MullinsThursday 19th October 2017
Charlie Mullins

If a plumber can write a book then why not a bailiff, which seems to be the working theory of former TV bailiff and Firestarter investor, Jamie Waller, who was in my office this morning interviewing me for a chapter in his upcoming book.  He did say what it was called, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to say just yet.  Don't want to get into (any more) trouble.

What I can say though is what Jamie told me himself today, which is that too many investors these days are fixated on trying to find the next 'tech unicorns' - but actually he thinks the most exciting investments are the sorts of old-style rock solid, backbone businesses (from car sales companies to plumbers and dry cleaners) that are traditionally overlooked. He calls them 'unsexy businesses'.

Great bloke, who's definitely drinking out of the same teapot as we are at Pimlico.