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Brexit Secretary David Davis Admits Truth That Leaving EU Risks Global Financial Catastrophe!

Charlie MullinsWednesday 10th January 2018
Charlie Mullins

Has David Davis joined what hard-core Brexiteers disparagingly coined 'Project Fear'?  The answer is a resounding 'no', not least of all because it doesn't exist, except in the minds of those who are so dogmatic that they cannot accept inconvenient truths that expose their views as questionable. 

So I wonder what rabid-Brexiteers would make of Davis Davis admitting that Brexit is so dangerous that it risks sending the entire world global financial system into meltdown, because that is what he has done.

In an article, co-authored with the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, he says:

"Because the 2008 Global Financial Crisis proved how fundamental financial services are to the real economy, and how easily contagion can spread from one economy to another without global and regional safeguards in place.' 

'As two of Europe's biggest economies, it makes no sense to either Germany or Britain to put in place unnecessary barriers to trade in goods and services that would only damage businesses and economic growth on both sides of the Channel."

The article is part of a push to have financial services included in any trade deal, which is something the Germans are pushing against, and why wouldn't they?  The financial sector is worth £80 odd billion in taxes, and makes up more than 10% of the UK's total tax receipts!

It gives me no pleasure to hear one of those responsible for getting us into this mess admit the damage he and his disingenuous mob has done, but at least he's telling it as it is now I suppose.

We cannot go backwards in time and change what was done in June 2018, but we can take action to save us from the treasonous actions of those who said the Brexit project was a flower lined road to economic prosperity. 

In the middle ages they had ways of dealing with people who acted against the state, including the gallows and the block, it was a harsh time, even bad tradesmen had their tools smashed and burned!  All I'm asking for is a mere safety net for all of us victims, in the form of a second referendum!