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Apprentice Abbie Guiding Youngsters To Follow Their Career Dreams!

Charlie MullinsWednesday 11th July 2018
Charlie Mullins

Pimlico mechanics apprentice Abbie has been working alongside the wonderful ‘I Can Be’ organisation to mentor young stars into following their dreams for some time now. She’s been leading many groups of young girls into learning more about her job and giving them an insight into a workplace that’s often seen as a ‘male career’.

Every group has been a brilliant success, and most recently Abbie was involved in a trial to extend the workshops to include young boys.

It was another great afternoon, the boys so receptive to Abbie and picking up on everything she was teaching them. There was a lot of questions, some new challenges and even a look inside one of our oldest and much loved PP vintage vans (which they loved!).

This morning Abbie received a note from the boys which was much appreciated and shows just how inspirational the project is!