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After 32 months Jacob Rees-Mogg wants another day to 'analyse' Brexit

Charlie MullinsTuesday 12th March 2019
Charlie Mullins

What more is there to consider Jacob? the deal that was voted down by 230 two months ago, the biggest majority in parliamentary history, is the same as it was when last it was put to the lobbies. 

Mrs May has skillfully wasted more time than an Italian football manager sitting on a 1-0 lead, and at the last has come up with a supposed rabbit from a hat, but the bunny is a corpse that's been stinking up the place since mid-January.

And now the desperate ERG idiots want more time to try to work out what to do.  You'd laugh if it wasn't so bloody serious.  There is nothing more to consider than there was yesterday, because despite Mrs May's claims, there is nothing new on the Irish Backstop.  And if you don't believe me, ask the Irish PM.

In short (because there's nothing to it) the huge breakthrough Theresa May is claiming she made last night is to agree with the EU to try really hard to replace the Irish backstop by the end of 2020, and if that fails to go to arbitration. 

I suspect there will be a few who swap sides tonight, but vote MPs must, so that we can get the PM's toxic Brexit bodge out of the running once and for all.  Then we can move on to properly taking No-deal out of the game, then sort out a People's Votes, by means of an extension of Article 50.