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A Huge Media Week Of PP, And The First Of 2018!

Charlie MullinsFriday 12th January 2018
Charlie Mullins

Kicking off 2018 with in true Pimlico style, with plenty going on and more in the pipeline. Looking forward to what’s already planning to be a busy year, this week with another full on schedule lined up already.

Last week it was apprentices in the Daily Mail, Pimlico’s fundraising taking off, more on recruitment and many other great media pieces.

Here’s a full look back at the 1st week of 2018…

PP Kayleigh On Apprenticeships In The Daily Mail!

Starting off 2018 in the best way, with 10 new apprenticeship inductions being completed as I type and great piece in the Daily Mail featuring one of our very own star apprentices, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh is a fantastic example of why I will always continue my campaign for apprenticeships (as are all of our apprentice team). She puts in so much hard graft working alongside her PP mentors and is well on her way to becoming a future leading Pimlico Plumber!

As Kayleigh rightly puts it in the Daily Mail - ‘in my trade it’s much more beneficial to be learning on the job from experts in the industry and there’s no student debt. I’ve secured a great career in a great company and the skills I’ve learned will always keep me in work in the future…’

…Kayleigh couldn’t be more accurate!

London Loves Business: Liam Fox would join the Rebel Alliance as long as they don't speak French!

If we were under any illusions about what exactly is behind the seemingly irrational demands that the UK leaves the EU, come hell or high water, yesterday those murky waters cleared, when trade minister Greg Hands suggested we might join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Pacific’s version of the European Union.

We are told that Brexit is about the UK standing on its own two feet internationally, to cut big trade deals with major world powers, such as the United States and China, in our own right.  But the sad truth is that before we are even divorced from our current relationship with the EU, rather than being free and empowered, we’re already reduced to pimping ourselves around like a heroin addicted hooker.

Quite clearly, standing strong and proudly British on the international stage is not the motivation here, otherwise we would not be propositioning a trade block on the other side of the planet for membership.  It’s not even a good one, having been recently dumped by President Trump, who said getting out was a ‘great thing for the American worker’.

Personally I think that Mr Hand’s boss, International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, would join the Rebel Alliance  as long as its leaders gave assurances against the use of French or German in any official business. 

This latest farce only reinforces for me that . . . . . read the full article at

Business Matters: The Adonis Affair Highlights A Dangerous New Trend In Theresa May’s ‘Hyper-Sensitive’ Government!

The departure of Labour peer, Lord Adonis, as independent infrastructure advisor to the Government last week highlights a far more serious issue for business than a simple disagreement between traditional political rivals over a controversial policy.

Lord Adonis knew he had to clear his desk before claiming publicly that Theresa May’s administration was ‘pursuing a course fraught with danger’ over Brexit, and, more insightfully, make the observation that it had become ‘hyper-sensitive to any criticism’...

Read the full article in Business Matters online. 

A Place In The Sun Magazine - Why Marbella Is The Place To Be!

Marbella has long been one of my favourite places to be, and a place I only have one regret in buying my villa; that I should have done it 10-15 years earlier! So when I was asked about properties in Marbella (and a bit about PP…and more) for the latest edition of ‘A Place in the Sun’, I had plenty to say…

Not long ago I was also joined by Katherine Ryan (for Channel 4’s how’d you get so rich) on the hunt for my next Marbella villa. The area has absolutely everything you could want, since I’ve been going there I haven’t come across a single fault. The weather, the lifestyle…everything is brilliant, and it’s so easy for me to travel between Marbella and London.


A brilliant team behind the magazine who I’ve really enjoyed working with, and another great edition of the magazine out now!

Real Business: Do You Plan To Rub Shoulders With Scale-Ups In 2018?

I don’t believe many entrepreneurs hold much stock in the concept of New Year’s resolutions, but I’m pretty sure they love to set themselves a challenge – and here’s one they can take on board.

Perhaps in 2018, it could be to join the growing pool of companies that can proudly call themselves scale-ups.

A scale-up is a business with an average annual growth in employees or turnover greater than 20 per cent each year of over a three-year period.

According to a report from the end of last year published by the ScaleUp Institute, there are 31,400 businesses that fall into this bracket of scale-ups. They generate in the region of £900bn in turnover and support between three and 3.5 million jobs.

While this is quite respectable, when it’s set against a backdrop of this country being home to more than five million SME business, it gives a stark picture of the distance that needs to be travelled before more firms can be considered to be scaling up their operations...

Read my weekly Real Business column here. 

London Loves Business - Charlie Mullins: The Adonis affair highlights a dangerous new trend in Theresa May's 'hyper-sensitive' government!

Read the full article at on why Lord Adonis' sacking is a symptom of a dangerous new trend that is isolating Theresa May and her Government from genuinely independent and expert advise.

PHPI Magazine: Fundraising efforts from Pimlico Plumbers!

Pimlico Plumbers’ staff have made a significant impact on the fundraising efforts of a little girl with a rare genetic condition with a £10,000 donation raised at the company’s annual Christmas party.

The sum is in addition to the £1 per job Pimlico is donating to the appeal for 20-month-old Annabelle Rose Thomas during December. By 11th December, the company had raised £2,000 from its jobs.

Annabelle suffers from a rare genetic disorder called SMA1. To support her treatment she needs regular hydrotherapy pool sessions and a physiotherapy canopy. As there are no such facilities near her house in Barkingside, Essex, and travel is not possible, her family is raising £40,000 to install the equipment at home.

Pimlico’s annual Christmas party, which was held at The Royal Garden Hotel, London, is one of the highlights of the company’s year and was attended by more than 350 the full article here. 

My Tips Inside The National Magazine For Business!

The national Business Leader magazine is always a great read, so of course it was a no-brainer when they asked for some business tips to include in their latest edition...

Here’s a few:

And plenty more to read here.

I couldn’t go without talking Brexit and business, as I said – I was very vocal about remaining in the EU, and still are. Many people thought it was because I employ EU workers, but this ha nothing to do with it…more in the article

Really great magazine, and brilliant team behind it. Well worth grabbing a copy!