Obed Mbwakongo - ABA Senior Boxing Champion

Lynn Athletic Club

Obed Mbwakongo has been boxing since he was 10 years old after his father encouraged him to take up the sport. The 22 year old competes at 81kg Light Heavy Weight Division.

Obed’s has fought for and won many British, European and International titles. He was the 2009 ABA Senior Champion, he won silver in the 2008 Tammer tournament and won gold at the 2007 Golden Gong tournament, Macedonia. He also won silver at the EU Championships, and competed in the Commonwealth Federation Championships in Delhi.

Obed is a former member of the GB Elite Boxing Squad that trained to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. Obed trained in Sheffield at the Olympic boxing camp four days a week and spent the rest of his training time at the Lynn Boxing Club.

Samm Mullins has coached Obed for 10 years and has seen him improve as a boxer over time.

Obed is dedicated to his tough training programme. He has won many major boxing titles and has proved himself to be a great amateur boxer and has a great future ahead of him, says Samm Mullins.

Pimlico admire Obed’s dedication to this sport.

“Pimlico believe he is a real contender to win many titles. This is a very talented young man, who has worked extremely hard for ten years, and is so disciplined that he really deserves to go all the way,” says Charlie Mullins.

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