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Buster Martin
1906- 2011

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Buster Martin, Britain’s oldest worker, passed away on 12th April 2011 aged 104.

Born on 1st September 1906, Buster’s working life has spanned nine decades and a myriad of different jobs. He came out of a short retirement at the age of 97 to join Pimlico Plumbers’ vehicle maintenance team in Central London.

During his long working life Buster has turned his hand to a wide range of jobs and trades including carpentry, flooring and even a bit of plumbing! However, he is best-known for working on London market stalls, on and off, for over 60 years.

Buster’s life changed when he reached his centenary. He became a well-recognised media personality thanks to appearances on programmes like This Morning and GMTV as well as numerous radio appearances and hundreds of newspaper column inches.

In the past four years he achieved some major milestones including having a beer named after him, becoming a columnist for FHM magazine and completing the London Marathon in 2008, as well as a number of half marathons.

In 2007 he achieved musical history as part of the group ‘The Zimmers’ made up of pensioners who released, and travelled the world performing, their single ‘My Generation’ with Buster on drums! The single reached number 26 in the UK charts.

It was during the same year he fought of muggers when he was on the way home from the pub only spending one night in hospital.

Since turning 104 Buster had worked on a less frequent basis, but was still a regular sight at Pimlico Plumbers’ depot in Lambeth where he could be found in the canteen enjoying a good breakfast and a ‘Buster’s Beer’.

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