'PreBook' & Pay Less

With Pimlico’s ‘PreBook’ we guarantee that you will get our lowest prices now and in the future. As London’s leading and largest (and still growing) service provider we are introducing a new way of working.

Booking ahead means we can plan our jobs forward efficiently with less down time for our tradesmen and pass on the savings which makes us one of the most competitive companies out there.

Coupled with the Pimlico brand name, reputation and guarantees this makes us an obvious first choice for the many trades we offer, or for a combination of any of them. Whichever trade you choose Pimlico’s tradesmen are always the best available and enjoy an enviable customer satisfaction rating of over 98% in over 8,000 jobs completed every month.

With ‘PreBook’ Pimlico customers get the very best of London’s tradesmen at a rate other companies will find difficult to beat and if for some reason our web price is lower at the time of your job then that lower price will prevail.

All you have to do is book your work 2 weeks or more in advance!

Just ring our Call Centre and ask for ‘PreBook’ rates - you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The 'PreBook' team are ready and waiting.