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Working For Pimlico is Definitely 'More Than Just Plumbing' - Check Out All The benefits!!

Charlie MullinsWednesday 11th July 2018
Charlie Mullins

A simple fact I can vouch for in business is that if people aren’t happy in their work, they won’t be productive. I say it so many times, but it’s so important to get right. There are so many ways in which employers can boost morale for employees, and that’s exactly what we have on offer for the Pimlico team – you wouldn’t find a more motivated team.

Here's what we have on offer -

The Pimlico gym

I started with giving staff a place to work out. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important, and so I put £500k towards building a 24/7 gym with state of the art equipment, that is free to use for all staff.


We also have free personal trainers on-site, running private classes for staff (morning and night) – from spin, to rooftop yoga.

Weekly fresh fruit baskets

Talking of maintaining a staff healthy lifestyle, we also provide free weekly fresh fruit baskets for staff. Healthy eating can influence a person’s long term health and wellness, as well as elevating mood, energy, and self-esteem.

Staff on-site massages

After a heavy workout, all staff have the option of free massages. With a professional masseuse in the office twice a week, my staff benefit from bi-weekly massages to release tension and de-stress.

Pimlico Employees of the Month scheme

Another, one of the most competitive, is our employees of the month scheme. Every month staff have the opportunity to win a £200 voucher to spend on a meal and drinks for two, at Langan’s Brasserie in Mayfair, or to use £200 to spend on the popular Pimlico Merchandise range. Currently we have 19 categories and, with multiple category winners, we’ve seen up to 25 winners on one month alone.

Here's our most recent winners:


Staff chill out areas

Around the building we have plenty of chill out areas, from our sofa area with TV/IPads and our unique roof garden terrace that’s completely kitted out. Especially in the summer, that’s where you’ll find most of the team in their breaks/lunches!

Pimlico BBQ Fridays

To add to that, our roof terrace is turned into the ultimate BBQ lunch on Fridays during the summer months. Our head chef has drawn up a five star menu, grilling up a range of meats from pork belly burgers to BBQ ribs and rump steaks! 


Pimlico subsidised canteen

Whilst we have BBQ Fridays, our subsidised canteen has also become very well known (spotted on Channel 4, Tricks of the restaurant trade). We’ve recently extended the canteen, added much more room to cater for our ever expanding team and even more daily specials put on by our team. It’s always buzzing, every hour of the day.

Pimlico celebrations - 1. the summer boat party!

To celebrate all of the work of the PP team, we throw the biggest and best parties around – three a year. Tomorrow it’s the return of our summer boat party on the Thames for all staff and partners.  We invite staff to let their hair down whilst dancing down the Thames in the summer for our boat party, where a fantastic barbecue banquet and open bar are on offer.

2. The Christmas Party

Fast forward a couple of months to Christmas, when we hold our Christmas extravaganza. All staff to come together for the annual black-tie Christmas Party where a live band, 3-course meal and open bar are all arranged.

3. The Christmas switch on extravaganza! 

Before the Christmas party and in the lead up to the festive season, we also hold an annual Christmas lights event – inviting all staff and local families to come together for a grand street party. Picture it like ‘the German markets of Lambeth’ with food stalls, funfair rides, mulled wine and beer, as well as live entertainment. The event is always a great way not only to thank staff, but to bring their families into the Pimlico celebrations, as well as the local community.


There’s plenty more, if you fancy a game of football…we do that too!