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Real Business: Productivity puzzle solved by blending graft with gratification!

Charlie MullinsMonday 13th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

One of the current buzzwords circulating the economy and UK businesses is the productivity puzzle. It will, no doubt, form part of the chancellor’s Autumn Budget speech next week, and it is an issue that we’ve all become preoccupied with in one form or another.

From the smartest economists to the small business owners with a handful or workers, no one seems to be able to solve the productivity puzzle. Employers have a role to play, but so, of course, do the workforce.

In my column a few weeks ago, I wrote about how we as entrepreneurs could contribute to boosting our business’ productivity, whether it might be through staff perks, processes, new technology, or improving the surroundings that employees work in on a day-to-day basis.

Of course it’s unfair to say that an employer’s decisions alone directly dictate how . . . read my entire column on the productivity puzzle at