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Pimlico Stands With ICP Support

Charlie MullinsTuesday 8th August 2017
Charlie Mullins

** Post Script **
I've just had a lovely email and phone call from the CEO of ICP Support, Jenny Chambers, which was not only a great gesture, but also confirmed that backing this wonderful charity was the right decision.

I'm always looking for great causes for Pimlico to support and stand by, and when my grandson Ashley came to me this afternoon to tell me about ICP Support, my face lit up for two reasons.

Firstly because I was so pleased to see that he's got a heart for helping, and secondly because it's a fantastic cause which I'd be glad for PP to support. 

Ashley started off as an apprentice just like me, and is now a fully qualified Plumbing and Heating engineer. Plumber by trade, but at the heart of it he's a budding humanitarian so I couldn't have been prouder to help him out with ICP Support.

ICP basically stands for Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, which is a liver disorder that can impact women during pregnancy. To be honest, it's a condition that not many people know about - heck I had no idea about it before today. 

But ICP Support and a young girl called Leigh are on a mission to raise awareness and support for women who are diagnosed with ICP.

To help the ICP Support charity, PP are donating a cheque to fund research into the condition and help raise more awareness. 

Good luck luck on your mission, Leigh!