No Transition Deal is Ridiculous Cart Before Horse Logic!

Charlie MullinsFriday 10th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

There is no doubt that there exists a huge amount of uncertainty in the country, and this is hugely damaging, especially for those of us trying to run businesses.  The simple truth is that while those in the rest of the world, inside and outside of the EU, are looking at rising growth, we are experiencing the opposite trend.

The reason for this is simple; in business just like anything else, if you don't know how things are going to turn out you have to plan for the worst case scenario, to do anything else would make you a dangerous gambler. 

Most of us are not in the gambler category, especially business owners who have traded through the last 10 years, and remember only too well the results of the bankers' casino culture.  So please, whoever is in charge of the UK and its Brexit strategy this week, could you do us all a favour and get us a solid transition plan hammered out, so we don't have to batten the hatches, just in case everything goes pear shaped.