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Is There Anybody Out There? Finding A 24-Hour Plumber (almost) Like Hunting Aliens!

Charlie MullinsTuesday 12th September 2017
Charlie Mullins

Why do the phones at Sail Street go mad after 10pm? 

To say our call centre is buzzing doesn’t quite put into words the scene you’ll find inside our call centre, every day – and that doesn’t slow down any time after 10pm…

When we say we’re here 24/7, that’s truly what we mean – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s a control room packed full of PP staff, security on hand, vans in and out – and, of course, PP engineers of all trades ready to get to tackle any emergencies or jobs needed.

It seems to be quite a rarity to hunt those who stick to their 24/7 word, with customers instead reaching answer phones (or better still, calling someone sleeping holding onto an out-of-hours mobile phone)…

But what we say is what we mean, and it’s busier than ever!!