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If You See A Minefield Ahead Sovereignty Is Having The Power To Change Direction!

Charlie MullinsFriday 10th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

Lord Kerr, the former head of the UK's Diplomatic Service, and ambassador to both Europe and the United States, is unequivocal in his view that the UK can reverse its decision to leave the EU at any time, and he should know, since he wrote Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Speaking of the BBC's Radio 4 Today Programme, Lord Kerr said:

"As far as the treaty is concerned there are lots of options. There is a provision to seek some extra time for negotiation and, much more important, there’s the ability at any stage to take back the letter that the prime minister sent to President Tusk on 29 March.”

It seems to me that it doesn't get any more straight forward than that, and what's more what kind of country would we be if we couldn't change our minds about something as important as membership of the EU.

I'm no expert on constitutional law, but then after I back Gina Miller against the Government successfully once already over Article 50, I know the Government aren't either.  So when the bloke who wrote the bloody thing explains what it means I reckon he's probably best placed to be on the money.

Lord Kerr also dug up an interesting David Davis quote from 2012, when he said: "A democracy that has lost the right to change its mind has ceased to be a democracy."

Well, I can't help but agree with David there too!  The alternative would seem to suggest that we are not in control of our own destiny, and are at the whim of others.  And I'd like to think that if we've headed for an economic minefield, which is obvious for all to see, that we wouldn't just plough ahead, based on the belief that it was a green meadow.