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I Don't Think Theresa May Can Take Too Much More as New Attacks & Challenges Loom!

Charlie MullinsMonday 13th November 2017
Charlie Mullins

This week looks to be the latest in a string of 'make or break' moments for the Prime Minister, and I think this time the opposing powers might inflict too much damage for her to carry on in Number 10. 

Maybe Theresa May will still be Prime Minister at the end of the week, but with the plotting pair of Boris and Gove back together, and writing sinister letters; the potential of a defeat in the Commons over the EU Withdrawal Bill on Tuesday, and rumours of 40 Tory MPs ready to sign a no-confidence vote (they need 48 to trigger a leadership debate), the odds on survival are shortening.

With all the potentially damaging attacks and events likely to emerge this week, on top of losing Priti Patel and Michael Fallon, it's starting to feel like the PM can't take too much more in the way of setbacks, if she is going to stay in power.  There is only so much punishment one person can take to their authority before a comeback becomes impossible.

It looks to me like a battle of attrition, with no single knock-out punch, but, with the accumulating damage from repeated combinations of blows to the body, sooner or later, it's going to be time for her to throw in the towel.